Dewy Jackson's Peacock Orchestra is one of the few bands on record which actually played on the riverboats which carried Jazz up the Mississippi from its breeding ground in New Orleans. These riverboats, which originally served purely as transport vehicles, gradually became showboats which provided a band for pleasure seekers who went on board for a good time, on the way dancing and drinking, eventually providing a more sophisticated type of Jazz for the White patrons. Dewy Jackson's Orchestra was engaged by S.S. Capitol during the 1925-6 season, and the title Capitol Blues is a good illustration of the type of Jazz which was played then, mainly by St. Louis musicians - with the exception of Pops Foster.

Taken from the book Recorded Jazz: A Critical Guide by Rex Harris and Brian Rust.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Capitol Blues
(Dewy Jackson / J.J. Johnson)
6-21-26 St. Louis, Missouri Vocalion 1040
Go 'Won To Town
(Dewy Jackson)
6-21-26 St. Louis, Missouri Vocalion 1039
She's Crying For Me
(Santo Pecora)
6-21-26 St. Louis, Missouri Vocalion 1040
What Do You Want Poor Me To Do?
(Floyd Campbell)
6-21-26 St. Louis, Missouri Vocalion 1039
Artist Instrument
William Thorton Blue Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Floyd Campbell Drums, Vocals
Cliff Cochran Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Pops Foster Bass
Willie Humphrey Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Dewy Jackson Cornet, Director
Burroughs Lovingood Piano
William Luper Trombone
Pete Robinson Banjo
Albert Snaer Trumpet