Wally Erickson and the Coliseum Orchestra were named after the Coliseum Ballroom which was located at Lexington and University Ave. in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Coliseum Ballroom was built into the fence of the Lexington Ball Park. The band played there throughout the 1920s.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Got No Time
(Kahn / Whiting)
6-2-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Hard Luck
1-1929 Minneapolis, Minnesota Vocalion
Hong Kong Dream Girl
(Springer / Barris)
6-1-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
I Get The Blues When It Rains
(Marcy Klauber / Harry Stoddard)
1-1929 Minneapolis, Minnesota Vocalion
The Call Of The South 6-2-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
The Meanest Kind Of Blues
5-9-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Artist Instrument
Les Backer? Vocals
Wally Erickson Leader, Violin
unknown Drums, Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophones, Brass Bass, Drums, Guitar